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The library of Saône-et-Loire: Bibliothèque De Saône-et-Loire (BDSL)


the buildings of BDSLThe mission of BDSL is to support libraries in the department of Saône-et-Loire. These missions are the documents loan (books or CD), an annual suitable training program, the animation aids loan (exhibitions, kamishibaï, documentaries thematic selections) and the expertise in projects of libraries evolution (construction, computerization ...).

Since this year, BDSL suggests cultural program. In collaboration with libraries and local or national partners, once a month it offers an event on the subject of changes in the world, theme for 2014.

Since the beginning of march, BDSL repositioned itself on the web with an innovative new site. First of its kind, this site offers collaborative spaces for all libraries of Saône-et-Loire. Each library can become an actor and contributor to this site.
BDSL also takes part in an OpenData initiative by providing a number of informations available on the site.

22 people works in BDSL.

There collections are composed of 192,000 books, 20,000 CD and 98 animation aids.

The Saône-et-Loire

The Saône-et-Loire is a french department close to Lyon in Burgundy. 556,000 inhabitants live in. 140 libraries animate the territory thanks to 1,400 librarians whose 1,160 are volunteers.

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BDSL and IFLA Conference

BDSL and libraries of Saône-et-Loire take part in IFLA conference by:

  • the participation in a beaujolais tour
  • the presentation of a poster to bring to light some libraries in our department which innovate in 3 areas: service, animation and architecture


The spotlights are regularly placed on libraries major cities and not enough on the small libraries mostly localized in rural areas. We would like to highlight the libraries of our department, which is rather rural. These libraries whatever the size of their city, from 500 to 30,000 inhabitants, move, invent and innovate also. They are mostly the only social and cultural place and therefore the last living place in their territory.
Their actions, services and events are yet unrecognized nationally and internationally. New libraries are built each year in our countryside with innovative architectures. Original actions are setting up. So, new services have been created to best meet the expectations of users. New animations are proposed to move library and to attract new audience. Digital technologies are gradually position to the center of their actions. Not to forget the work of the librarians who are mainly volunteers working each day.

The introduced libraries are in the Architecture section:

The introduced libraries are in the Animation section:

The introduced libraries are in the Service section:



interior Sancé libraryBDSL and the library of Sancé take part in the beaujolais tour friday 22nd august and will receive 25 delegates from around the world: Brazil, Finland, Hungary, Nigeria, Qatar, Russian federation, Switzerland, United kingdom, United States...

In usability, delegates will visit:


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